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About their new album, Matt Berninger said:

“We’ve barely begun. I don’t know what we’re going to do. We try not to have any plan at all and just see what stuff gets us excited. We’re really thankful and lucky to have gotten where we are but we realise how easy it is for a band to disappear and for people not to care so we don’t take it for granted… I don’t know what the next record is going to be like but we’re not going to phone it in, I can promise that…

“We’ve tried for years to make poppy songs and I think some of them are but we desperately want to shake off that miserabilist personality or image that we have. I don’t know if it’s possible though, maybe it’s in our DNA.”

listen to Bryce Dessner’s new brassy, instrumental song, “Rose of Lincoln”, below:


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on Thursday, Brassland is giving away a free download of “High Beams” by The National. It’s part of their song-a-day giveaway for November, to celebrate their tenth anniversary

you can grab the song on FACEBOOK or at Brassland’s WEBSITE

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