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Featuring the band singing with a kid rocking along:


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Click to watch: “Sea of Love” and “I Need My Girl”

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for such a serious band, these guys sure do some silly things…

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The band rendered The Philistines’ song beautifully. Listen below:

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Fans of the band know that it usually takes The National a couple of years to finish up an album. But there’s good news, we might not have to wait that long for the follow up to High Violet.

According to Scott Devendorf, “We sort of know that worst-case, it’s going to take us a long time, every time. We’re tired of it taking forever.”

“Think You Can Wait,” a song written for the movie Win, Win was written and released quickly. Scott said “We were under deadline, so that helped, and it was someone else’s deadline, not our own. It was refreshing to do something quick.”

About the new album:

“We want to make something a little more direct sonically and a little less gauzy,” he says. “We’ll see — it could all change.”

Devendorf and the Dessner twins are also collaborating to release a Grateful Dead tribute album. The boys love the band, but, thankfully, don’t look to them for musical inspiration.


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Earlier this year, The National released “Exile Vilify” for a video game called Portal 2, released by the Valve Corporation. Afterwards, there was a promotional contest in which fans were asked to create a video representing the song, game, or both.  Nearly three hundred people entered videos for consideration. In the end, Valve and The National couldn’t decide which of the following two videos they loved the most, so they awarded both contestants the first place prize.

Watch below:


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In March of last year, The National debuted a lot of their then-new songs from High Violet to a Brooklyn crowd at the Bell House. I’ve just stumbled upon some quality videos of the night.

Let’s start off with one of my personal favourites,  “Brainy”, which upon morphing to an edgy live rendition, cuts deep into my soul:

click below to watch more videos


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