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Aaron gives a nice overview over his collaborative musical project about mythological “hero twin brothers”; the origins; his relationship with Bryce (and how they sync up on stage) and much more. He calls it “our personal mythology” and says that each time they perform The Long Count, they interpret it differently.

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.

more information can be found at Barbican’s website

watch the trailer below:


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The Dessner twins  have given more details about their multi-media side project: “The Long Count.”

The brothers collaborated with visual artist Matthew Ritchie to create a show is based on the 1976 World Series in Cincinnati (the year they were born). The project also draws inspiration from the first two books of Mayan myth Popol Vah.

The music will be performed by a twelve-piece orchestra,  accompanied by visuals from Ritchie, as well as text from The Dessners,  Matt Berninger and others. The project was originally commissioned for the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 2009 Next Wave Festival. It will take place on February 2nd-4th at the Barbican in London.

Buy tickets HERE starting tomorrow

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