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Matt Berninger is not confident about his band’s shot at an Oscar.

The National has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Think You Can Wait” (included in the film Win Win), but Matt thinks that they will “probably lose to a Muppets song [and] there’s no shame in that”.

He told Rolling Stone: “If we are in fact nominated that would be a blast, but none of us are crossing our fingers on that. Win Win was just a really fun project to work on. Tom McCarthy asked us to write a song for the end of the film. The whole thing was just a really good experience. So yeah, if it gets any more recognition, that would be just icing.”

About the new album, he says: “We’re just kind of building a bunch of little sketches of ideas, just kind of stocking them up. It’s a long, slow process, and that process has begun. But as far as any sort of idea as to when that process will end, we have no idea. Not for quite some time.”


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