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Matt gets vetoed a lot during the band’s songwriting process

via Popmatters,

“The National have difficulty crafting their albums because the members are like ‘different countries’ where Beringer claims he is ‘Iran’. As Gawande succinctly put it, ‘It doesn’t sound like any fun at all’. Asked what they enjoy, the band suggested that few of the members enjoy the performance. ‘In front of people under the lights’ isn’t a natural setting but they appreciate it when they sink ‘into the songs’ and create a connection with the audience.”

Watch the band perform “Terrible love” at the New Yorker Festival HERE


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About his bands music, he says:

We sort of embraced the idea that songs can be sentimental—sappy is something that we were never afraid to walk up against—and potentially even overstep into something melodramatic. Some of my favorite songs are melodramatic. You can do that kind of stuff with song. Sometimes I think in real life we don’t allow ourselves to be that raw and vulnerable. I think we’ve, from the beginning, never had any problems or were never embarrassed by the emotional tearjerkers.

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