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Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead and Bryan and Scott Devendorf of The National will share the stage under the name “The Bridge Session” at California’s TRI Studios on March 24.

The musicians aim to mix “different musical genres, political discussion and a showcase of modern technology, the event aims to ‘bridge the gaps’ between people of various tastes and viewpoints.”

They will perform original songs as well as cover songs. There will be roundtable political discussions between the sets.

You can win tickets HERE

The Devendorfs cite The Grateful Dead as a major influence on their music, and Bryan considers himself a Deadhead. The National will also curate a Dead tribute album.


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for such a serious band, these guys sure do some silly things…

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The band’s bassist spills all about Obama’s re-election, the band’s approach to a new record, and Justin Bieber.

Regarding High Violet‘s success:

What’s taken you more by surprise — the critical acclaim or a gold record?

A little of both, I guess. We never know when we finish records how they’re going to be perceived. We’re really happy with both things — that people have really enjoyed the record, and the critical acclaim for it has been a nice surprise, too.

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