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The band debuted three songs in Berlin on Thursday: “Heavenfaced”, “Fireproof”, and “Graceless”.  Watch them below:






Here are the older songs, which will also appear on the band’s sixth album:

I Should Live in Salt:




I Need My Girl:


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Matt Berninger and Aaron and Bryce Dessner have contributed to a new children’s iPad story app called Dragon Brush.

The story, which is based on a traditional Chinese folktale, was narrated by Matt. The music was done by Aaron & Bryce. The illustrations were done by John Solimine of Spike Press, who has done the artwork for many of The National’s posters.

Matt Berninger said in a press release: “The story has all my favorite things: waterfalls, magical dragons, and the sound of my own voice.”

preview it below



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Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead and Bryan and Scott Devendorf of The National will share the stage under the name “The Bridge Session” at California’s TRI Studios on March 24.

The musicians aim to mix “different musical genres, political discussion and a showcase of modern technology, the event aims to ‘bridge the gaps’ between people of various tastes and viewpoints.”

They will perform original songs as well as cover songs. There will be roundtable political discussions between the sets.

You can win tickets HERE

The Devendorfs cite The Grateful Dead as a major influence on their music, and Bryan considers himself a Deadhead. The National will also curate a Dead tribute album.

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I was watching a video interview with him about The Long Count which was interesting – he said that for him, it also extended to ideas of games and combat, conflict and play in every day life. Was that of significance to you too?

AD: Yeah, definitely. I remember… early on, it was very much about games and play and tests, and we tried to affect that in the music. A lot of the music involves these chases, or mirroring – my brother and I can play guitar in really unique ways together because of how we grew up. Literally I can look at his hand and play the exact same thing or the exact opposite thing, or a key off. What usually happens is that I’m playing something and he plays a mirror or echo of it, and a lot of music is like that, and it’s extended into the ensemble also, so it’s like twins also. That extends into the film as well – you see the film, the two diamond shape films, and then they reflect down off of this mirror floor, so everything is doubled or quadrupled, so this has this interesting effect where it’s all very playful.

You must both be acutely aware of the ways in which you and Bryce work together and apart.

AD: I think we have this instinctive feeling that if we hit a wall at some point, that the other will be able to break through it. We have different tendencies: he’s much more academic about music than I am, and I’m more visceral or spontaneous. It’s probably easier for me to generate lots of new ideas, a constant stream, and in a way it’s easier for him to finish those ideas, and maybe elevate them beyond a simple idea. But then he’ll do some work and I’ll take it further. There are very few times where either of us is working on something where the either isn’t in some way part of it. Bryce is writing more orchestral work now, and some of that I’m not involved in it, some of that I am, and in some ways that’s a different exercise when you’re writing in a more traditional way, as opposed to collaborating. We’re always finishing each other’s ideas, and it works really well in The National, and in some ways it works even better in these more expansive, experimental ways. There aren’t these restraints. With The Long Count, there are a lot more musicians to bounce things out of and draw on, different voices and things. It’s liberating.

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Aaron gives a nice overview over his collaborative musical project about mythological “hero twin brothers”; the origins; his relationship with Bryce (and how they sync up on stage) and much more. He calls it “our personal mythology” and says that each time they perform The Long Count, they interpret it differently.

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.

more information can be found at Barbican’s website

watch the trailer below:

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Bryce shows up in this ad for D’Addario & Company, “an American manufacturer of high quality musical accessories including strings for all stringed instruments, cables, drum heads, drum sticks, reeds & many more.”
Bryce himself uses D’Addario products, and the video has “So Far Around The Bend” in the background (the track which the National contributed to 2009’s charity LP Dark Was The Night)

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He says:

“We’ve adjusted on a level that we don’t party as much as we used to frankly; not that we were ever Motley Crue or anything, but I personally have learned to after shows just go to bed; I’ll call my wife, watch a movie and pretty much unplug,” Berninger said. “The other guys do it a lot more but I’ll do an after party maybe once a month or once out of 20 nights on the road.  If I don’t, I start to deteriorate much faster.”

 “I drink a lot onstage and I’m not living what anyone would call a healthy lifestyle, but I know my limits. To be able to keep doing it and not ruin yourself; we’ve learned how to put the brakes on.”

All the wine is all for Matt…

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