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Matt Berninger and Aaron and Bryce Dessner have contributed to a new children’s iPad story app called Dragon Brush.

The story, which is based on a traditional Chinese folktale, was narrated by Matt. The music was done by Aaron & Bryce. The illustrations were done by John Solimine of Spike Press, who has done the artwork for many of The National’s posters.

Matt Berninger said in a press release: “The story has all my favorite things: waterfalls, magical dragons, and the sound of my own voice.”

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St Vincent goes into the crowd and goes wild. well worth watching.

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YANP: So this will be the seventh year of music now, what are the biggest lessons that you’ve learned what do you wish you would have known?

B: When I started out I was over idealistic about it. I didn’t work through booking agents and managers you know? I went directly to artists and it turned out I could only really book friends, I guess. A lot of artist are willing to take that risk.  And I was on to something with that on some level but as the festival grew I had to book artist I didn’t know and then I can have those relations ships. But the festival is this organic, home grown, intimate event and then the reputation is that a place where you come and take risk and hang out and feel the pressure. Big festivals can be a lot of pressure because you’re playing in front of a large crowd and the media is there. People always ask me if we will move it to a bigger city and I say no because it definitely wouldn’t function in the same way. And I’ve been burned by that, by occasionally having an artist who doesn’t get it. There on tour and their tired and that’s unfortuante/ But in seven years that’s happened to me once or maybe twice.

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via Jambands.com

“The National’s Bryan Devendorf and Scott Devendorf will perform with Bob Weir at his San Rafael, CA TRI studios on Saturday, March 24. Organized by HeadCount, the collaborative The Bridge Session will feature a mix of Grateful Dead classics, National songs and other politically-themed covers as well as a round table discussion moderated by Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein.”

“The entire evening will be broadcast via TRI’s website. For those unable to make it to the performance, Brooklyn, NY’s Littlefield will host an official viewing party on The National’s home turf. Admission is $5 and will include a stream of the entire concert. The show is slated to start at 9 PM. All proceeds will benefit HeadCount.”

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There is no question the Dessner brothers have a musical reach well beyond the saturated rock songs of their day job.

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